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Coin Maze Campaign Helps Arizona Welcome It’s Largest Outdoor Shopping Center In Style

When the 1.3 million square foot lifestyle center opened in 2007, Coin Maze Campaign was there to help celebrate the grand opening. Tempe Marketplace offers over a million square feet of retail space, featuring dramatic light and laser elements, outdoor fireplaces, unique water features and community programs to help raise awareness. Tempe Marketplace was the perfect place to integrate such an innovative piece of art and the City of Tempe was the perfect place to start change like this for the first time.


Tempe Today Community Newsletter November 2007 Issue

Shoppers can help community members in need when they donate spare change at a unique donation sculpture near Harkins theatre at Tempe Marketplace.

The 5-foot-tall metal and plastic coin collection bank, designed by Arizona State University College of Design graduate Jason M. Brown, is the result of collaboration among Tempe Leadership Class 22, Vestar and The Tempe Community Foundation.

“The design fuses modern artistic expression with strategic visual communication,” Brown said. “The end result integrates culture, amusement and concern into the lifestyle center as well as our community.”

Funds donated to the bank will go the Tempe Community Foundation, a fund established in 1992 to support charitable organizations that serve Tempe. :: Click To View More »




Tempe Marketplace Coin Maze Donation Receptacle Sculpture


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Tempe Community Foundation
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