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Coin Maze Campaign


Our objective is to provide charitable organizations, public art programs and institutions with an opportunity to raise funds for their cause across the globe. Our community activism movement utilizes design and interactive art as a tool to collect coin donations; because small amounts of spare change can add up to large amounts of hope for your charitable endeavor.

Coin Maze Campaign was iniated by Jason M. Brown based off the idea: "Design + Community = Change." The Arizona State University graduate and business owner felt modern art and design can do more than just look good. It can raise awareness and give back to any community as well.

With your help Coin Maze Campaign can be a forum for change. A forum for charities and corporate sponsors to collaborate and share the common goal of helping our local communities and programs thrive. Our Coin Maze sculpture allows all members of the community to give back & help one coin at a time. Our interactive piece of art that keeps on giving is the perfect fundraising tool or corporate sponsorship endowment for your organization. Click below to learn why you should get involved.

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7.6 million American families lived in poverty during 2007.

Charitable giving has declined by about 1.3 percent during each of the five most recent national recessions.


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