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Coin Maze Campaign

Coin Maze Campaign allows individuals to enjoy the aesthetic and interactive benefits of this public art piece while giving back small donations or coins to a charitable cause of any kind, in any community. The functional five-foot sculpture is a donation receptacle and can be placed inside or outside a building with high traffic. It will stand out, attracting attention and creating community awareness.

The campaign or iconic feature can be integrated into shopping centers, hospitals, art centers, or community parks and will provide an opportunity for dynamic relationships and joint efforts to prosper. This campaign proves spare change is change we need; it’s people helping people and can start making a difference in your community today. :: Click To Learn Why You Should Get Invlolved »

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Tempe Marketplace Coin Maze Donation Receptacle Sculpture

[coin maze:] \ˈkȯin\ˈmāz\ noun An interactive coin-bank-kiosk that promotes community involvement and accepts spare change donations in a secure and weather resistant maze sculpture.

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